Did you know that in the UK the 2nd biggest hair concern amongst clients is their hair being
damaged? We all know that when you are having your hair done, be it coloured, blow dried or styled, hair can get damaged or even broken.

First of all you need to know what Smartbond actually does.

By using Smartbond, created by L’Oreal Professional, this damage caused to your hair during technical services can be reduced. This new bonding solution is working wonders on clients hair.

Smartbond is an additive that you mix into the colour or bleach before adding it to the hair. It is used to strengthen the hair and protect it during and after the colour service, leaving you with stronger, healthier looking hair.

The way it works is simple…….we apply 2 of the products in the salon during the process and you use the conditioner at home as an aftercare. The first product we apply in the salon is the additive which will preserve the strong bonds and allow the weak ones to reconstruct.

The second product is applied when the colour or bleach has been removed, before the shampoo goes on. This conditions the hair leaving it shiny and smooth. Your hair is then styled as required.

Step three is in your hands and this is the home conditioner. Continue with the conditioner at home to keep the salon finished look and feel week after week.

Smartbond is suitable for all hair types. You don’t have to have your hair coloured to use it, you can use it on your normal hair to give it a boost and some extra shine and healthiness! We now include this in any of our hair colouring services.








Read below a review from one very happy client.


I have a love/hate relationship when it comes to colouring my hair.  I love it but my hair doesn’t….all too often when colour or a toner is added it fades or washes out within a few washes.  Believe me when I say I have pretty much tried every colour going…………..Silver grey, lilac, pink toners, forget about it, brunettes look flat and faded after a couple of washes, until…………Smartbond.

Having recently gone from bleach blonde to brunette, I was expecting the initial colouring to fade and look flat but whilst there was a little fading, nothing compared to previous times and my hair felt thicker and shinier, something that has never happened before.  

I have had a couple of appointments since and actually think for the first time in ages my hair is growing and stronger.

All in all for me Smartbond has been a game changer……..can’t wait to see how it copes when the urge to change takes me again.

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