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Blow-dry (Short Hair)£20.50Gents cut£17.50
Blow-dry (Long Hair)£27.50Wash/Cut & Blow-dry£20.50
Cut and Blow-dry (Short Hair)£31.00
Cut and Blow-dry (Long Hair)£38.00


Tuesday & Wednesday

Cut and Blow-dry (Restyle)£41.00Cut and Blow-dry£23.00
Wet Cut£15.00Blow-dry£16.00
Shampoo & Set (Long Hair)£22.00Shampoo & Set£13.00
Shampoo & Set£18.00Perm£43.00
GHD Curling (Short Hair)£23.00
GHD Curling (Long Hair)£28.00


Cut (0-2)£7.00


Cut (2-10)£10.00
30 Minute Highlights£30.00Youth (11-16)£15.00
Root Tint£30.00
Full Head Tint£51.00


Cap Hilights£49.00Hair-up (Short Hair)By Quotation
Full Head£89.00Hair-up (Long Hair)By Quotation
Half Head£65.00Bridal (Trial)By Quotation
T-Section£55.00Bridal (on the day)By Quotation
Cap Highlights£25.00
20 Highlights“20.00Conditioning£10-£15
BalaygeBy Quotation


Bio Curl£57.00
Bio Life£57.00

We know you are busy and have a tight schedule so you are probably wondering why you need to have a skin allergy test before you come in for your colour appointment.

Why you need an allergy test?

We need to carry out this small test to ensure that we can safely apply colour to your hair, we need to know if you’re allergic to any of the ingredients used in our colour formula.

Is it essential?

The health and well being of our customers is One to One’s number one priority. If we were to apply colour without performing an allergy test, it would comprise your safety and we’re not prepared to do that under any circumstance.

Some salons will agree to apply colour without a skin test and this will usually be because they fear that the inconvenience will force people to go elsewhere.

What if I already have colour, do I still need one?

If you have not had a colour service at our salon within the last six months then you will need to have an allergy test. Although you may never have had an adverse reaction before, the colour formulations can change over time and so can your skin’s sensitivity.

We have heard of many cases where people have developed a reaction to hair dye. It’s very unlikely, but just because you’ve had colour before, doesn’t mean you will not have a reaction.

How does it work?

All you have to do is pop into the salon at least 48 hours before your colour appointment and a member of our team will complete an allergy test for you – it only takes 1 minute.

All you have to do is leave this colour sample on the skin for 3 hours. Examine the skin for any negative reactions like rashes, itching, swelling, discolouration and inflammation. If you notice any abnormal reactions, let us know.

There is no need to book an appointment for this. Although you may want to book a short appointment for an initial consultation about your colour (especially if you’re new to the salon) and this allergy test can be done at the same time. there is no charge for the consultation or skin test.


True beauty comes from the inside, if you want beautiful hair, you need to make sure you look after it and treat it well. That is why we only use the best quality products. At One to One our professional range of shampoo, conditioners, colours and styling will leave your hair looking amazing from the inside out, from root to tip. Many of our products are also available to take away and recreate your style at home.


No two people are the same; no one’s hair is the same, that’s why at One to One we use TIGI. TIGI has the brands for all our client needs. Bed Head for the young and fearless, with an ‘anything goes’ hair styling attitude. Catwalk for a sophisticated woman living a fashion savvy lifestyle.


For all our colour services, we use Wella.  Wella is a world renowned professional salon favourite. Our stylists are in touch and up to date on the colours and textures. At One to One our stylists understand your specific hair needs to create the style you want, whenever you want it. Wella gives our clients a long lasting, healthy colour with a natural and healthy shine.


We love GHD’s, no salon should be without them. If you are looking for “poker straight” hair, flicks and waves or fabulous styles up and down, you will love them. GHD provide the perfect style to get volume and movement in an instant. Our talented stylists are able to add the glamour to your wedding, evening event, prom party or just that special occasion just for you. Let our team make you feel extra special.



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